Permissions / Licensing

For nearly 20 years, leading publishers have outsourced the marketing of reprints, E-Prints, & licensing to PARS International.


Unleash the power of positive press! What’s being said about you and your company matters — especially when it comes from a respected industry publication. Incorporating a logo, accolade or review into your marketing literature, sales and newsletters, Website copy, annual reports, trade show displays significantly enhances your message and lends credibility to your company.

PARS can negotiate proper use of excerpts and logos in accordance with industry and publisher guidelines within a reasonable time frame.

Our dedicated team will help you to make the most out of your editorial coverage.  PARS knows publisher guidelines, policies and preferences, and will work with you to license editorial content, logos, images and video  that help you to promote your company, product, brand or service.

Benefits of licensing content and logos through PARS:

  • Leverages coverage in real time
  • Simplifies negotiations
  • Speeds turnaround times
  • Maximizes brand value and exposure
  • Upholds editorial integrity
  • Minimizes risk of liability